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We are binging House of Cards this weekend. That means there is no time for anything else. It is so much harder to binge with a kid. We only have nights now. I still remember when we binge watched Breaking Bad until 5am in the morning. Yikes! Times have changed, I wake up at that time every day.  Although it is debatable if this season is binge worthy 😉

The DST has been a blessing in disguise. I am up at 5am every morning and cannot go back to sleep. It is perfect since I love my mornings. But I get super tired by lunch time and coffee comes to rescue. I just need to figure out a better routine for myself. The good news is that early mornings mean morning walks 🙂

It’s biting cold when I step out of the door, but just a few minutes in, the joy of being on the road kicks in. When I start, the sun is still hiding under the clouds. I’ve been chasing some sunrises this week. It’s been fun. Friday was a little sad. I could barely breathe, but the pink sky and the blood orange sun were so beautiful. What an irony! Fires make sun look beautiful. So metaphorical.

My biggest achievement this week was being able to celebrate Diwali with my little family, on Diwali day. It matters so much to me. And only to me. I was fortunately able to leave work a little early, ran quick errands in late afternoon, and was home in time to make rangolis, light diyas, and even have some friends over. A simple puja, a simple dinner, and giggles of my little Tara, as she enjoyed watching me light sparkles in our backyard. Of course wearing a sari is another highlight, along with the fact that it took me less than five minutes to wear it. I love wearing Saris. It is the most graceful and feminine attire possible. I need to find more occasions when I can put my little collection to some good use.

As we sat around the dining table talking about random things with our friends, I realized how blessed Agam and I are, for having good friends with whom we can share our festivals, and our joys. I have always extended the definition of family around me. Family is not just the group of people you are born to, or live with. Family is anyone who make you feel loved. That’s one reason why I don’t believe in Tara needing siblings. She will have to learn to find family where she goes, just like I did. And that will make her independent and compassionate. At least that’s what I hope for her.

It was a good week. Socially exhausting, but in a good way. I enjoyed some great conversations, good wine, and great company, at work events. Met a lot of people in person for the first time. Made some new friends, connected with some old colleagues and bonded with my new team. It was a good way to start my tenure with them. Google is a small place. Surprisingly small for its size.

Amusing how some times my posts are just a laundry list of what happened in the week, and some times they are completely off the track. As long as the words keep coming, the wine shall flow. Or was it the other way round ? Regardless, who cares?


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