simple joys

Tara has a new obsession. She loves to sing along Hindi songs with me at bed time. She does not understand a single word, and often asks me in her giggly voice, “what means ghoda?” and “what means thandi”. It’s fun to hear her speak the words with her rolling tongue. I wish we would converse in Hindi everyday. I know I am the problem here, and not her. But it is so difficult. Today we learnt – theek hai, nahin, kyun and haan. I am sure she will forget them by morning. Regardless, we sing this song these days.

The three of us had a super relaxing weekend. I am slowly recovering from the hangover of doing 1.5/2 jobs since last quarter, and my mental space is freeing up to go back to doing things I love. Like cleaning the house for Diwali, and of course cooking :P. There was dahi bhalle, lamb kebabs, beets and pineapple salad, and super comforting chicken corn soup on the menu over the weekend. When I was refilling the spices in my masale ka dabba, I realized how these small things give me so much joy.

Saturday night I accidentally ended up working a little. Agam asked me why I was doing that, and I could not answer. I didn’t quite feel like I was working. It was a very natural disposition. I know that feeling from before. It’s a good sign. And I also know that it is a slippery slope. If jlutz was here, he’d tell me that, (and then throw another problem at me to go wrangle with).  If I ever meet him again, I will tell him that I spent almost ten years looking for someone like him to work for. I might have just found one. My work gives me joy. It just does. I know that’s not always true for most people. I am just lucky, what can I say 😛

Here’s another thing that gives me truck loads of joy – my solo morning walks. They are back, with the clocks turning back this weekend. Today I was out by 6:30 and enjoyed a slow/jog/walk around downtown. I felt the best I have felt in a month. My walks make me super happy and energize me for the day to come. I didn’t charge my airpods, so there were no Hemant Kumar serenades to add zing to my pace. But it was so nice to feel the fresh fall air, see the sun rise, hear the birds in the trees, and watch the leaves fall.

I love walks. I prefer to walk in urban areas than nature hikes. Simply because I love to observe all that is happening around me. And I don’t feel lonely that way. Nature walks by myself make me lonely. I already think too much, I don’t need more of it. Agam and I used to enjoy the Stevens Creek Trail, and the Bay trail, pre-Tara. But this little missy does not walk long distances yet. I am counting on her though. I want her to be my walking partner. At least until she flees the nest. Which by the way is such a scary thought.

When we woke up from our afternoon siesta, Tara gave me a beautiful smile that made my day. She grinned ear to ear, and then went back to sleep. It was enough for me to be thankful for. May she always be grinning, and smiling 🙂

Long week ahead, with social exhaustion on the cards. This time my new team has a team summit. This one is going to be very different from the one I attended in September. That was a big fat punjabi wedding. This might be closer to being a real summit 😛

But really summits are like a family wedding. People travel from far and wide to be together. I know they are meant to be for learning. But to me summits are for bonding. As humans, as friends, not just as peers. Another of those things that gives me a lot of joy – seeing people bond. I kid you not, there have been times when I got teary eyed, just watching my team have fun together playing jenga at Sportspage. It’s a beautiful feeling to see a team that you brought together, gel together in a non work setting.

Nuff said. Lots of joys to be thankful for. And that’s really the point. Let’s not take our joys for granted. Especially as we kick off the holiday season, with Starbucks’ red cups, be mindful of all that brings you joy, and make sure you thank those around you for making your life worth living.






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