I was ashamed of my bad manners today, when the guy at the front desk of the hotel was totally wanting to strike a conversation, and all I could do was nod and smile without paying any attention to what he was saying. Wait, I am not that person. I love conversations. Nope not today. I just wanted him to hand me my key, and vanish. Yep. Vanish.

I spent an entire day between an airport and a flight. Boxed into my little cocoon, with my laptop, and my earbuds streaming awesome music in my ears, I did not speak to another human for 10 hours.  8:00am PST to 8:00pm CST to be precise.  Now that’s a personal record. I was on IM with people and sending/receiving emails, but I did not open my mouth for 10 hours.  I had a lot of conversations with myself. But none with others. And here I was surrounded by so many people – both at the airport, and in the flight.

What a fascinating day!

As my lyft took the 101 exit on Shoreline, I caught sight of a tree with barely any leaves left. It reminded me of the hindi word पतझड़. It means fall. No literally – it means leaves are falling off. And just that thought made me so happy. All this while, growing up in Delhi, I never took a moment to experience fall the way I can do here in bay area. Fall here is much more graceful than the dry and windy पतझड़ in Delhi.

While this has been brewing on the burner on the side, there is a silly show called Little Things playing on Netflix in the background. It is a very casual, real-com, not rom-com. Real-com is what happens when two very similar, like-minded, strong-headed, and same-aged people, marry each other/ or start living together, and then the real life reels in, and becomes a real-com. There is comedy alright, but it is too real to really laugh at it most of the time. I say that from personal experience.

I am a fan of real-com. It is what life is all about. Finding comedy in this reality, is the only way to go.

Here’s a real-com example. We were so excited about Tara’s costume this time – Moana with wings. But what we really bought was Moana’s wig! Yep — the reality struck when I started looking for her costume yesterday to dress her up for the Monster Bash in Palo Alto. I could only find the fake hair. There was no costume. I frantically looked for it. And finally Agam confessed. He had mixed up the fake hair to be part of the costume. So in reality we did not have a costume for her. I found a random Hawaiian print dress, and I asked Tara if she wants to wear it. She yelled, “that’s my costume”. And Agam and I yelled – “yes, it is so pretty”.

Tara was excited about her costume. And her silly Mommy and Daddy were thankful to her. Reality is that we are moving so fast, that we make mistakes. It is best to just laugh, and course correct 🙂 That’s just how you build the plot of a real-com.


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