Moshi Moshi

I finished Moshi Moshi last night. Banana Yoshimoto is a fabulous writer. I love her simple words, and simple descriptions of mundane things. For a book this amazing, there are only 18 reviews for it on Amazon. That proves my point – no one in US reads Banana Yoshimoto.

Here is my favorite quote from the book –

“but life went on, even at times like this, and it was surprising how easy it was to keep going as though nothing had changed. i found it strange that i could walk down the street and appear normal, just like anyone else. that i could be in complete turmoil inside, and yet my reflection in a shop window could look the same as it ever had.” 

Today, after a long time, I feel like I am ready to start something fresh. I don’t know what has changed. But since this morning, the tide has turned. I am consciously switching from auto pilot, to manual transmission, and pulling back the reins of my mind, only to direct it in a more purposeful way.

I even reconnected with my kitchen this morning, with YT Music streaming the best of Joan Baez, and then John Denver, and then Perry Como’s version of Killing me Softly. Kudos to the YT recommendation engine. And then I spent an hour looking for the perfect chopping board. The one that hooks on the counter top, and does not slip. I sorely missed my olive wood chopping board, that was put in the dishwasher by mistake (not by me). But could not find anything that looked like it, ever again 😦

My kitchen is my workshop. For my brain, and my heart 😀

The new energy inspired me to fix a fancy breakfast spread. It was a lot of fun and little Tara enjoyed banana muffins and frittata with fresh avocado and tomatoes salad. We also ground some Storyville beans and took out the french press after a long time.


After brunch we enjoyed the warm afternoon sun in the backyard, and I caught a quick cat nap before meeting V for wine at La Plonc. Wonderful evening full of reflection, giggles, and some very good advice. I feel so fortunate to have made some of my best friends at Google. To good times, and good champagnes, and good questions that lead to clarity of thought. V can always be trusted with getting your innermost concerns out on paper. I’d like to learn that skill. It makes you a good coach.

On another note, I am missing the ocean again. I am not sure if I will get a chance to go meet the waves before our trip to Mexico in a month’s time, but until then, here’s Murakami doing justice to exactly how I felt as I was walking back home, after meeting V tonight.

Looking at the ocean makes me miss people, and hanging out with people makes me miss the ocean.”


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