Mixed bag

Some days are such a mixed bag.

I really missed Papa after my perf conversation. It always happens. I want him to read it. And be proud of me. I know it’s a silly childish whim. But quite appropriate given that’s all I want to be sometimes – his child.

Agam was going to meet some friends from Google after work, so I went to pick up Tara. It was so nice to see the kids. E, P and Tara were enjoying a silly game. I felt so relaxed in that environment, that I decided to sit down with Tara’s teachers and enjoy a few moments with them.

I love watching kids play outdoors. It reminds me of my own childhood. No not the outdoor playing part.(We were two nerdy daughters to two very protective parents. So we mostly played indoors.) I just enjoy watching their free spirit under a blue sky. It’s meditative in its own way.

Talking to teacher A, made me reflect on all that I should be thankful for in my life. She only sees her husband for an hour at dinner every night. He is a VTA driver, and he also works weekends. She wished that he had continued studying, so he could have a better life. But it is what it is. My life is so much simpler than teacher A’s.

After school we went out for a quick bite to Panera close to home. While Tara and I were washing our hands, the music changed to something really cute and peppy. Tara yelled, “I like this song”, and started dancing right there. I couldn’t resist the temptation, so the two of us did a tango in the washroom and walked out with a fresh mood.

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