Find your path

Our Ohana at the Luau last night was a Japanese-Korean family with a son named Uno. The couple got married four weeks ago and are on a culinary tour across the world. The husband is a sushi chef from Osaka. And the wife was a tourist who fell in love with the chef and his food. I don’t blame her. Japanese + Chef + all the sushi she can eat.

The chef had recently left his job and decided to travel the world to find his next inspiration. His new wife and her son from a previous marriage accompanied him. Before coming to Maui, they were in Auckland and Sydney. They plan to visit SF, LA and Miami on this trip.

Tara loved talking to Uno and his family. And together we exchanged Instagram handles and then phone numbers and also best sushi restaurants in SF and LA. There was something so pleasant about their company. As if they were seated next to us, for a reason. A reason I am yet to decode.

After the Luau we went for dinner at the Westin and the tranquility followed me into the night. I had my best sleep on this trip and woke up way before the birds 🙂

People take risks. They put their lives at stake. And explore their true passion. They bring their families along on their journey. People are inspiring. They are always finding their path.

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