Crape Myrtle

There is a certain poetic element to Senator McCain’s request to President Obama, to deliver eulogies to him at his funeral.

A similar poetic element is present in the blooming of the Crape Myrtle, right around the time it starts to feel a lot like fall.

I have my favorites when it comes to our trees. We only have a few. The maple, the crape myrtle, the two pines, a hibiscus and some other random ones that bloom in spring and create a mini sakura in our backyard.

The crape myrtle is special. It is dainty, and it blooms so late in the season. The bloom only lasts a few weeks, and then the wind blows away all the pink flowers. They create a pink carpet that Tara loves to walk over.

Just like trees, we all follow different growth cycles. To each their own.

There is a poem lurking behind these thoughts, should be ready to bloom by this weekend.


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