I survived on 5 hours of sleep all day. Its been a while since I did that to myself. To my credit, I did wake up at my normal time and went for a walk.  If I don’t hit snooze at 10:00pm I cannot go to sleep until 1:00am. That’s what happened yesterday. Signs of aging – I know 😛

About walks. I find them to be an extremely energizing way to start the day.  I have several 2.0 and 2.5 miles circuits around my neighborhood that are perfect for a brisk walk or a jog and sometimes a run.  On most days I am super charged to start my day. I sleep 8 hours and wake up fresh on 350/365 days in a year.  But on days like today I needed a detour to 1oz Coffee and some Gibraltar. I am not going back to my addiction to coffee. I am leaning on it when I need to. I know, slippery slope. Good news is – I can cut the chord anytime. My goal in August was to establish walking as a daily habit. We are 22 days in, with one miss. I’d rate that as meets expectations.

Walks are a good way to reflect, think ahead, plan and sometimes just reason with myself. After the caffeine kicked in this morning, so did a certain transitory feeling. I got caught in a web of thoughts. I am making plans that I won’t be able to follow through. I am unable to disengage, but I am starting to be distant. There is no 15 days trip to Japan in between this time.  In fact it is quite the reverse in many respects. I am getting attached to the “mine” that I created. This attachment won’t help anyone.

Life is a series of actions, fueled by motivation. I have acted, I have my reasons and my motivations. Let’s just leave it at that.

Surprisingly I found this in my news feed. The last line of the article is so darn true. If someone ran a pattern analyzer on my life events, they will arrive at this summary; “Sometimes, the best route to ‘fulfillment’ is the path of more resistance.” 

Another snippet that resonated with me was – “without obstacles to our desires it’s harder to know what we want, or where we’re heading.” I embrace obstacles. They help me sleep 8 hours like a log, knowing that I need to overcome them the next day.

Anyways. When I think about parting, I always think of  this song. Since we were going down the B&W lane, I was reminded of how I have loved this song and the movie Pyaasa for over three decades. Sigh! Signs of aging!

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