13 years.. but who is counting?

V.S. Naipaul died today. Like most people, I also had a love hate relationship with his writings. But in his dying, I found something beautiful.

On his death, his wife Nadira Naipaul, said he was “a giant in all that he achieved and he died surrounded by those he loved having lived a life which was full of wonderful creativity and endeavor,”

When Bill George asks about finding your True North, this is what I believe is my true north. A life of honest and purposeful endeavors – both creative and strategic. Best in all I set to achieve, and yet lusting for more to learn, create and contribute.

I have been in this lonely country for 13 years. It’s been a ride for sure. To celebrate, I went for a uphill bike ride to Foothills Expressway and enjoyed the empty roads and the crisp air. The ride uphill was a torture, but those few minutes of free wheeling when I hit the expressway was all that was needed to remind me of the journey thus far. A journey I am thankful for.

When Papa and I exited the US embassy with an approved visa, I was full of apprehensions. Those apprehensions have been assuaged. This is the right choice, and one of the few good choices, we made together. Thanks, Papa.

Onward and forward.

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