An ode to ghazals

Kicked off the weekend with YT playing oldies on loop, and all of sudden the trend shifted towards Ghazals. Especially when Arth and Saath Saath songs begin to play, you know where this session is going to end. Before it got there, I switched to writing. I’d rather channelize this energy towards something more constructive.

I wonder why such songs are not made any more. Who will keep ghazals alive after Jagjit Singh? Are we giving up on them? Will this be a forgotten art? Sigh! Why?

I don’t know many people of my generation that listen to this stuff. Even Agam does not care much about them. As for me, I will never be able to forget their importance in my life. I grew up with them.  I still remember short couplets from some of Papa’s favorite ghazals and there are several that found new meaning over the years – like  “kis tarah ye gum bhul jaaye hum woh judaa hua, is bahaar mein”.

[YT just switched to Aandhi And then this. It must be my lucky day! I wish there was a way for me to save this list somehow. I am not going to put in the effort. Let the AI tackle that.]

Back to the dying art of ghazals. I hope they will make a come back, some day, somehow. Until then, I have enough to keep my Friday evenings jamming. The only thing to remember is to never listen to ghazals on my drive to work. The salted contact lenses give me trouble all day long.

[We are on to this now. And while we are at it – this is one of my very favorites. And this and this . And finally this, which is actually on the lighter note. I can go on and on and on. ]

Tara and I shared a lovely evening today. I left early around 4 and we got a car wash (which translates to Tara ate free popcorn), went to Whole Foods, and then she helped me put the groceries in the fridge. When I went to pick her up at the day care she ran to me and hugged me so tight.  I wonder if she will run to me this fast and hug me this tight, even when she is 16. She probably won’t. But I will etch these hugs in my memory for future use. Mom will become like a ghazal, old and forgotten.

It was Avery’s last day at the day care. He is joining TK in a few weeks. Avery had just turned one when Tara joined the day care at 4 months. The two of them have been good friends ever since.

Tara’s friends are my friends. So obviously I got a little emotional about saying goodbye to him. I kept watching the two of them circle around each other, and play for a little while, and wondered if we will ever meet Avery again. We all hugged each other tight and Tara and I wished him good luck. Sigh! These good byes only get tougher as we grow up. I don’t think Tara and Avery realize that now. Well they have a lifetime to figure it out. I am calling it a day now.

I feel pretty light and relaxed today. No idea where that’s coming from. Let’s give the credit to the musical evening, and the evergreen ghazals 🙂




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