Happy 72nd!

I went running this morning after a long pause. It was much needed, especially since there is a lot of activity on all fronts – work, home, health yada yada yada. Running is a cleansing act for me. A vent for all thoughts that are clogged in the corners, unable to find their way out. It was a decent run. Coldplay did their job. Here’s what stuck on my mind for the rest of the day -“Try and see the forest, there in every seed”  from Up&Up


I am slipping into a temporary low given that Papa’s bday is around the corner. He would have been 72 this year. We will never know how age would have changed him? When Dylan said his parents are coming to Google for lunch tomorrow, I wondered how Papa would have loved to visit me here. I really wished he could meet the people I work with. He would have enjoyed that.

He taught me to see the forest in every seed. But he is not here to enjoy the shade of the tree he planted.

Anyways, Happy 72nd Papa. I would have teased you about getting old, but you were smart, you just died young.

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