Stay curious

As I started listening to my thoughts tonight –

The crickets in the garden

The hum of the exhaust fan.

Wait, there is more.

The crisp pages of this book.


There is more…

It is the noise within my head.

There are some questions, some arguments and some answers.

Some very loud thoughts.


“When will you rest?”

“When will you claim what you earn?”

“When will you stop to breathe in and be still?”


“Why should I rest? Why should I be still?”

“It is not my inherent nature to be still.”

“I am not the rock. I am the wave.”


Well then…

“Don’t whine about the race you run against yourself.”

“Just give up on wanting to fill every gap.”

“And let go of what you have built.”


“It is not easy to let go. I care about what I built.”

“I was cared for. And I cared in return”

“I cannot just walk away and not feel a thing. It is human.”


“It is also human to evolve and stay curious.”


The thoughts faded away and I welcomed a good night’s sleep.

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