Welcome 2018!

2018 is here…

It’s been 10 years since my younger self celebrated her bday by indulging in a shopping spree on the 5th Avenue in NY. It was an experience to check off from my list and so I did. My life was very complex back then. I had education loans, a long distance relationship, a demanding travel intensive career, few friends, fewer hobbies, and a very busy mind. I lived in NY and I did not know what I really wanted to do with my life.

In the last 10 years, I made my career, I made my family and I made my identity. And I de-cluttered my life. I like where I have landed. But there is a lot of scope of improvement. I can be so much better. To myself and my loved ones.

After a decade,  it’s time to turn the page. From me to others. From establishing to dwelling, adventures to stability, and from dabbling to adopting.

Forming new habits and perhaps a new lifestyle. One that is anchored in simplicity.

I sowed the seeds for this simplification in 2017 by first simplifying my career. I took the most natural next step and gave up on my coveted IC status. I want to build teams, not just my resume. I want to become better at being a multiplier. The word means so much more to me now, than it did when JFab shared the concept with me. In a 1:1 that I will never forget and will one day owe my career to, he told me that I am a multiplier and not a diminisher. I need to get even better at being the multiplier.

I also simplified my wardrobe this year. 5 capris and 5 cotton tees. That’s all I wore this summer. And 3 hoodies, 3 sweaters, 3 full sleeves tees and 3 jeans is what I plan to wear all winter.(Add a dozen or so scarves to that). Screw the rest.

Next I need to simplify health. There is too much confusion. Reduce carbs, increase protein, watch calories – which one or all of the above. I am not a fad follower. So the Paleos, Ketos are not for me. I need a balanced diet which is natural and easy to follow. I need to find time for a 30min physical activity daily. And I need to commit to it. Like most folks I fall prey to the “I have no time to spare” syndrome. I cannot procrastinate any more.

We as a family have also simplified our lives by deciding not to have another child. I am not selfish for my time, its just that I just cannot love another child like I love Tara. I cannot imagine doing anything that disturbs the wild spirit that my child has. She needs to stay the way she is and I cannot disrupt this environment she is in.

Also, we have greatly simplified our travel plans. We want to visit family during winter vacations. Winter in Delhi is just amazing. And as our parents age, and Tara grows up, we want them to meet every year. Apart from India, one international trip and one domestic trip, with a customary Hawaii trip if possible, ensures that we have something to look forward to each quarter.

I need to create some space in 2018. To start doing side projects. Something more than just work and family. Some hobby, volunteering or some project on the side. Not quite sure what it will end up being. My only requirement is that it has to be simple and thus achievable.

I am sure I have shared this before. But I love growing old. It is rewarding, these years lived. So much to learn, adapt to and assimilate. And, so much to simplify 🙂

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