Notes from this morning’s run 

People really like to sleep in on Sundays. The streets were empty and the parks not so full. Even Red Rock opens at 8am on Sunday. D’oh. The soundtrack Banana pancakes was playing in my head pretty much on repeat.

There were only elderly roaming the streets. Some by themselves, and some with companions. Out for their early morning walk and coffee. I’d like to age in this country. Chances are I will. At this point I’ve been here longer than I’ve ever been in one place. So it is home, no doubt. 

Today marks the 12th anniversary of my arrival to the US. In 12 years I’ve done all that was expected of me. I sure hope the next 12 are more about me and my expectations from myself. A kick start to my morning runs are a good start. And so was a visit to the doctor for an annual check up.

During my run I kept thinking about Tara. And how she gets the best and the worst out of me. Sigh! Regardless of our tempers and tantrums, we make it work. And especially when it comes to troubling Daddy. We double down easily. That’s the goal anyways 😉

I sneaked out this morning after my run and walked to the neighborhood Starbucks for an espresso. Splendid! More old people around me. Well at least they are chatty. And not looking into their phones all the time 😉

Anyways, I do my thing and I love it. Just like this guy at the library yesterday 🙂

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