Family Fun

We just wrapped up a pretty historic weekend. One that left us super exhausted, but super thrilled at the same time. In the last two days we did the following –

1. Bought a car
2. Sold a car
3. Enjoyed our favorite Napoletana Pizza at our family favorite place
4. Enjoyed a short visit to Happy Hollow Park
5. Prepped for the week – mostly meal planning, laundry, basic cleaning and some preps for the family visit.
6. Enjoyed an amazing brunch at a new joint in SJ
7. Finished the 1000 piece puzzle
8. And spent some fun times with lil Tara

We never did so much in a weekend prior to having Tara. And that makes us super happy, and yet leaves us confused. **How did we spend all the time we had in the world, before we had kids?** Well in our case, we wasted it. So if you don’t have kids yet, get your act together 😉 LOL

There is something very powerful about understanding the scarcity of time. The more you fear it, the more it exhausts you. But the more you embrace that truth, the more productive you become. Perhaps, thats why some people perform their best in the last crucial hours before any submission.

In the case of parents, that is just about every day. There is a running inventory of tasks that keeps growing, can never be tamed enough, and that are almost always P0 or P1. There is no room for P2 and beyond. So this self/mutual prioritization is ongoing and needs to be seamless.

The more tasks you cross off the list, the more time you have to add more to it. Never ending cycle. But quite rewarding. To keep a family happy, healthy and safe is no joke. And it takes two to tango, and more recently its been taking three. It was not easy to convince Tara that we cannot go to the Carousel on Saturday, as promised because the dealer trip will last four hours. But she understood the incentive of a longer playtime, if we go on Sunday morning instead. And all this while she was recovering from a light strain of conjuctivitis. Sigh!

But these exhausting weekends strengthen the bond of the family. We will always remember when we all said bubye to the Civic and Tara hugged Daddy as he walked back from the parking lot, with open arms and warm smile. We will all remember the giggle when we were enjoying the Danny the dragon ride.

Love is intangible. Families give it shape and form.


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