My cup of coffee

It’s been a crazy month. And it’s not going to get any less crazy in the next three weeks. So I took out 20 min in my day to sip some coffee and eat this. 

Someone wise told me to take time out of your schedule for yourself. So today I just did that.

I’m going through an interesting patch. I spent all of February and most of March deciding my next career movie. I gave up an opportunity to lead people, and picked a product area I believe in. For the third time in my career, I picked the not so obvious choice.  There is no guarantee that my decision will be rewarding this time around. But it’s a risk I had to take, and a choice I had to make.  

For now, I am just thankful for the choices. I am also thankful for the love and support my family provides me. Especially Agam. And I am thankful for these 20minutes that I could afford – with myself – and this cuppacoffee.

I am heading to Google Cloud next. 

(And my timer just went up. It’s time to pick up Tara.)

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