La La Land

Just because some days you need a reminder that “meant to be is not for the realists.”

Our morning started at 6:45 am yesterday. Instead of lazying around in bed, I decided to try out a running schedule that I have had in my mind for past three months, but hadn’t yet executed on. So I quickly made my way to the garage for my 4 miles run before Tara woke up.

Just the night before I was toying with the idea of a lazy morning since Agam was to leave early to get his car serviced, and Tara might actually sleep in until 8am. But instead, at 8:45 am Agam and I were already sipping coffee downstairs, and on our second FaceTime of the weekend.

The plan was for us to join Agam and go for an early breakfast. But instead we gave him a time out with himself. While Tara and I played with veggies and she helped me understand fundamentals of pretend play, Agam dropped his car and enjoyed a silent, and reflective morning in a cafe close by. Impromptu.

In the next couple of hours, Tara and I serenaded to toddler music, and then some La La Land soundtrack in our kitchen as we wrapped up all chopping for the week, and exhausted all pretend play scenarios we could come up with. Why she thinks the pantry cabinet is her school is beyond my understanding. But the smoothie she made out of chalk was definitely creative. She then added a marker in it, and said see mommy, I added more fruit. (Reference to the two types of smoothies she usually has – Simple Banana and Other Fruits).

We met up with Agam in downtown Sunnyvale where the Farmers market was bustling with people and live music was entertaining the crowds. After a hearty brunch, it was time for a lovely nap.

Around 4 pm we went to the park and chased the sun around three mega play structures. I noticed that 90% of the kids were alone with their Dads. Not many Moms were in sight. Agam and I shared a crackle, about how the Moms are up to something and I should figure it out.

I realized I could run a quick errand while Agam and Tara were at the park, and so I off I went. As I was walking out of the park I saw some folks on a bike and a sudden desire overcame me. I wanted to ride my bike after almost three years. So I hastened my steps back home, and found the bikes. Fixed a few things, and tapped the seat a few times. It seemed a little wet. I cleaned it off, and I was delighted to have finally found the time and opportunity to ride it.

Off I went. But uh oh! The seat was soaked in rain water since we had kept the bikes out when we moved and forgot to put them inside when the rains started. Now I was on a bike, with wet pants, and I started to feel like the bike was not bouncing enough. I quickly stopped to check the tires and of course, they needed air. There was no way that I was going to walk that bike, ahem, thanks to my wet pants. And to ride it was becoming challenging, let alone dangerous. After finishing my errand, and sharing my sad tale with the ladies at the shop (I had to offer an explanation for my wet pants), I hopped back on my bike and reached home. Two people yelled at me to tell me about my tires on my way back. I waved a thank you and rode it regardless. Didn’t have much of a choice there.

We all enjoyed our light dinner and then Agam and I put Tara to bed. For the second time in last two years and three months, I left the house after putting Tara to sleep. First was to attend a funeral service in SF, the second time, was to buy balloons for Tara’s friends for her birthday, and third was last night. To go watch La La Land with a friend. I have come a long way, as you can tell.

We planned for 9:25 pm show, but the seats were sold out, and next best option was 10:25. My friend and I shared a nice meal and a lovely conversation, and of course amazing chai at Zareen’s and then we went to the theater.

La La Land is a beautiful movie. You can resonate with many parts of it and that makes it very personal. The movie definitely lifts your spirits. I also found a good replacement for Sinatra’s My Way. The song is called, ‘The Fools who dream’.

So a 4-mile run, a cooking marathon, pretend play madness, fun filled brunch, sunny afternoon at the park, courageous bike ride, and a sneaky movie time with a friend, I finally slept at 1:15 am. I felt pretty alive at that time. A feeling one cannot force. It can only be experienced. 
“A bit of madness is key
To give us new colors to see
Who knows where it will lead us?
And that’s why they need us”

So bring on the rebels
The ripples from pebbles
The painters, and poets, and plays

And here’s to the fools who dream
Crazy as they may seem
Here’s to the hearts that break
Here’s to the mess we make

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