Joy, is waking up in the morning knowing what you are going to make for breakfast. Play with the colorful vegetables, enjoy the slow pace of a Saturday morning, sipping coffee along the way. Teaching Tara about parmesan’s texture, and what goes into making egg muffins, and watching her enjoy her meal.It is about peeking in to see what the father and daughter are up to, and internalize that all happiness is chosen, and so is all fear and worry.

Joy, is not worrying about tomorrow. And living in the present. As cliched as it sounds. It is checking off chores on Wunderlist and adding more. It is playing with play-dough and fighting with Tara when she cuts your giraffe and pears just because she thinks she should. It is about feeling happy about the produce in the fridge, because you have a game plan on how turn it all into magical flavors.

It is about being thankful for the options your career has presented to you and acknowledging that it is time to grow up and be the multiplier. Joy is all these small things and more. Joy is in every molecule around you. It is in every action you undertake.

Joy is you. You are joy!

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