Old habits die hard. When Agam and I were given a few hours in between all PT and doctor appointments to enjoy some quiet time, while Ms Tara was still at the daycare, we chose to repeat a recipe that has worked for us for the last (um now I feel so old.. ) 17 years. A delicious meal at a cozy place and a stroll to a book shop. In this case Evvia and Bells Books.

Evvia is special to us. We have celebrated almost every anniversary there and also my 30th, with the fond company of Agam’s parents. We have such vivid memories of every meal we have enjoyed there, partly because it was always a special occasion.

I can imagine going there even when I am old, with Tara.  And may be some day Tara will also find it to be the most ideal restaurant for a quiet date. Or  at least she will remember that her silly parents loved this place so much that they came and ordered the same four dishes on the menu year over year. So much love for lamb in one household is almost intoxicating.

Yesterday, due to some confusion the waiter assumed it was our wedding anniversary and brought a dessert with a candle atop to our table, right before we were wrapping up to leave. I was amazed and shocked. I knew it wasn’t Agam’s plan. And neither was it mine. We avoided the embarrassment of disclosing that it wasn’t our anniversary. And went with the flow. It was rather nice to celebrate without a reason this time. The memories will still be special and still vivid.

That’s what life should be. A series of celebrations, without reason.

We are celebrating this long weekend with close friends, frolicking around the area and enjoying some home made sweets for Lohri and Makar Sankrant.

Let’s go celebrate!

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