Memories from ECH

12 weeks ago, when Agam was in the hospital, I filed away an experience in my notes for reflection in the future. That note appeared in my reminders. That future is today šŸ˜‰

A lot has happened in last 12 weeks. My man can now walk without crutches, as an example. So now is a good time to reflect on those few days in the hospital. 

Etched in my mind is this memory – 

  As the elevators at ECH  were taking a long time that evening, I patiently waited for them, along with a slightly older gentleman in a lobby. When the elevator arrived, we both smiled at each other and entered. If this was a hotel, I thought, I’d be the first person to go complain about it at the front desk.  But this was a hospital. 

I find it very natural and comforting to talk to strangers about random trivial stuff. I could not have let go of this opportunity and used it to ease my stress, by sharing my thoughts on the matter with the elderly gentleman. I think I said, “Somehow the wait for elevators doesn’t hurt as much when you are in a hospital. It is a waiting game for the most part anyways.”

The gentleman humored me with a gregarious laugh. So much so that when the doors opened. We were both embarrassed about making so much noise in a hospital at 9:00pm at night.

We shared a comaraderie for those 5 minutes. We were akin. We were joined in our thoughts and to some extent our actions. We let go off the purpose of our visit and the stress that comes with it. We shared a laugh.
Hospitals are a such a great melting pot. I hope no one has to ever visit one, but if you do, share a laugh with someone. It will become your chosen memory from those days, for years to come.

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