Bringing Fridays back

The first working week of the year comes to an end. It was quite an atypical week. For one, Agam and I are driving to work together these days. We have a rather cute set up where we leave together, drop Tara first, then I drop Agam and then I go to work. And on our way back, I pick up Agam, we enjoy a nice sunset on our drive to Tara’s day care, and we all come back home together. It is cute since we have never done that before. It gives us more time with each other. Even though it is not the most efficient routine.

It was also atypical because I actually did stick to some new habits. Cappuccino instead of Latte, for example. And because early in the week I found about some unfortunate developments in a friend’s life. I had assumed that to comprehend such developments one needs time and space. But I was surprised at how resilient and strong the human mind can be. We, humans, surprise ourselves, and each other, every day.


To celebrate the end of this week, and us resuming our lives in the new year, we decided to bring Fridays back. Fridays have been our traditional date nights. And we invited Tara to them, starting today. Today’s pick was Zareen’s new location in Palo Alto.

As I stepped in, this song started playing. I could not have been happier. Amazing Punjabi songs played through our meal as we stuffed ourselves with delicious chicken boti kebab sizzler, along with the chicken tikka masala meal that comes with rice and lentils and, a small aloo tikki appetizer. We paired it all with Tara’s Mango lassi and the free tea on the house. I am a huge fan of the authentic tastes at Zareen’s. I hope she keeps up the good work. And that we keep bringing back Fridays just like today, with our special guest of honor, Tara 🙂

Ending our Friday with this song that was playing in the movie we watched tonight – Hemingway and Gellhorn. It’s an old folk song. Yet a beautiful one. I particularly like this rendition.

In case you did not know much about Martha Gellhorn, read up about her. She was quite a strong woman for her times. Some powerful quotes from this movie

Gellhorn: “People say that jealousy is the greatest enemy of love.  They’re wrong.  The greatest enemy of love is boredom.”

Ernest Hemingway: “It is not enough to have talent.  You must also have hunger.”

Ernest Hemingway: “Love is infinitely more durable than hate.”

Enough food for thought for the weekend. Let’s enjoy it.



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