Crisp, fresh and slightly chilly. That’s how I like my air.

While we were driving back from Agam’s PT, on way to Tara’s day care, we shared an interesting chatter. She asked me for a new umbrella. An orange one. I reminded her that I will have to go to a store to get it. She confirmed, “Will you pay for it, mommy?”

I said, “Yes, just like everything else. One needs to pay for almost everything these days,Tara. Sometimes even fresh air needs to be bought.”

She did not respond. It was too complex for her to comprehend.

I, on the other hand went down a spiral of afterthoughts. I imagined my nieces in Delhi, on their way for a winter break. They will breathe fresh air again for a few days, and then come back to the polluted and stale air of Delhi. I wish someone somewhere is doing something about it.

Later this morning, I enjoyed my walk back from the barista. There were droplets of rain here and there, but the air was very crisp. I enjoyed breathing it. It filled me with a lot of clarity and peace. I hope I don’t have to pay for this air ever.

1 thought on “Air

  1. I experienced the same thing today. Walked from the parking lot to the hospital in the misty, chilled air. It was awesome! 🙂


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