Portrait of a beggar

I closely observed a beggar on the street yesterday. His fingers were curled in rejection of his own self. His eyes, refusing to meet the world. Hair unkempt, clothes shabby. Shoes mostly torn, without socks. Body stooping over, and neck held in shame. It must have been his first day on the street. He was not comfortable in his own skin.

Holding a board that read, “Living on a prayer”, this man is waiting for a miracle to happen on the streets of Oakland.

He was young and fit. He carried a demeanor of a beggar, but his soul was still free. I wished to free that soul from his body, and remind him that prayers only work when you take action. And taking on the streets, is not counted as one.

I am not judging him. I don’t know his story. I just don’t think that man needs a prayer. He needs work. I hope he gets one in the new year.

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