A week of reflections

This week left me quite exhausted, and yet, in positive spirits. There were a lot of appointments to manage, and deliverables to finish and breakfasts to plan. But along side all the chaos, a common theme started to appear early in the week. I got in touch with friends from varied phases of life, all at the same time, all of a sudden. May be it is the holiday season that gets the best of us. But regardless of the trigger, I shared Messenger chats with folks from middle school, high school and college, all in one week. And the week ended with a beautiful holiday family card from Agam and my common friends in NY.

These are folks who were an integral part of my young-adult life. I have not been very good at keeping in touch with people after all these years. But this week our worlds merged once again, for brief moments of time. In those moments, I relived the warmth of our relationship. It was pure. It was innocent. And it was very refreshing. Why do we stop making such friends when we get older? I don’t know.

Agam’s accident has given me a lot of time to reflect on what’s important and why. It has also served as a good reminder about the unpredictability in our lives. So many plans were canceled, and so many new made, all in a matter of few weeks. As humans we like to plan. We plan for the best, and some times for the worst. We take a lot of pride when we come up with the perfect plan. We marvel at how well we planned it. But that plan is dependent on a larger plan that someone else has for you. You are a puppet in this play. And you can assume more power than you actually have, only to be reminded by circumstances like these, that all your plans, are just that. I need to live more, and plan less.



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