Tara’s friends

I have the pleasure of spending any free time that I have with a bunch of beautiful souls. These souls are so pure that at times when I hold them I wonder if I will taint them with my sins. Being in close proximity to so much innocence is almost inebriating. Those eyes that seek nothing, but love. Those hands that are so soft, lacking any sort of roughness that develops with time. It is just too beautiful to be real.

I am in love with the kids at Tara’s day care. A form of love that I cannot put in words. Time just flies when I am with them. I make them take walks together, holding each other’s hands forming a human chain. I observe how some are willing to hold anyone’s hands, and some are picky. How some like to drive the human chain in the direction they want to go, and some just follow the leader. Some observe along the way, and some sing, and some even dance.

If I pick up one of them, the others want the same treatment. They all raise their hands up towards me and say, “Up..up”. Since they are growing up together, they learn the same words at the same time. And so when I am with them, we all speak their language. Tara cooperates a lot. She is not possessive. She shares mommy with others. But sometimes, she gets mad and drives the others away. I can make all of them smile with my silly tricks. They all respond to my love.

They are so malleable at this age. Like wax. The more love your pour into them, the better. You cannot inundate them with too much love. Such is the world of these beautiful souls. Endless and Pure.

I am so fortunate to be able to give Tara this experience. I will encourage her to keep in touch with this circle of friends for life. These are her first set of friends. And our first set of friends are always so special.

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