My cup of coffee

While enjoying a perfect cup of Chai at Shreya’s beautiful new house, I had a realization. I need to take time out to sip my perfect cup of something in a day. All my drinks are rushed. Morning coffee is at work, I see it right in front of me, but at times the email traffic picks up really early and my coffee gets ignored. I have a few cups of tea during the day, but those are just fillers. They are like the friends of friends you meet at parties and never bother to know more about. What a silly yet ideal analogy. I don’t really recall the taste or after taste of any of that tea. After having Tara, I have grown a need of drinking my final cup of coffee right around 4pm. I need the adrenaline when I get home. A mom comes back home from work to a lot more work and she needs to be prepared for that. But that one is rushed too.

(While I was typing Tara woke up. My old self would have left everything midway and rushed to her room to give her a loud and boisterous good morning wish.) But today I am determined to finish this wonderful cup of french roast coffee from Cafe Du Monde that I brewed for myself while I prepped her breakfast and lunch. I can hear Agam’s footsteps. These two munchkins are probably on to some fun activities together. I am missing on to that fun. But I am here, with my perfect cup of coffee and words. I need this too.

Mornings are so rushed in our household. We prep prep prep and get out of the house. I wonder how mornings are different for Moms who don’t work. Do they have the time to smell their kids longer? A lot of Moms have written about how it is is not at all easy and glamorous to be a stay at home mom. And I agree with them 100%. As much as I love Tara, I know I am incapable of being a stay at home mom. I will run out of patience. But you know there is an equally pitiful story on the other end.

(My little duckling is making her cooing sounds. I heard a “Mommy” too. But my coffee is still warm and not finished. So I keep typing.)

Back to the plight of a working mother. How many working Moms have had to hear directly or indirectly that they need to keep their priorities right? That there is a time for everything and that one day the kids will be older and you can make up for the time lost? I hear it a lot. I even tell myself that.

I realized after Tara crossed the one year mark that my efficiency as a professional has double in reality, but halved in perception. I am expected to be less ambitious since I have a child. I am often reminded that I need to evaluate what is important in my life. I don’t blame them. To me, life is not about making it as easy on yourself. Whoever lived with that goal died a death before his/her time. Life is about finding the passions that help you create, contribute and grow.

I just sipped my last sip of coffee. It was delicious. So was this morning, crisp and beautiful.

(The garbage truck is here. And now this Mama will let her duckling climb the window to view the show. So I must go now.)

Have a great day!

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