Congratulations Hillary!

What a historic moment! Today Hillary Clinton won the DNC nomination and has become the first woman to have ever secured a nomination to the US Presidential election. Congratulations Hillary. Well deserved. I don’t have to agree with all of your policies, but I sure am proud of you and your efforts.

To me Hillary is a very strong woman. A woman who exudes power even before she has attained it. A woman who carefully picks her words, her people, and her passions. She is smart, witty and empathetic.

Around this time, eight years ago, she lost against Barack Obama. And ever since that loss she has not left any stone unturned to secure this nomination. She built her resume, acquired new skills, achieved more accolades and learnt a few more tricks on how to fight this battle. Little did she know eight years ago who she’d be competing against, so she built a well rounded resume. From foreign policy to taxes she has her bases covered. And not once has she seemed ambiguous or contradicted herself. She earned the money, raised even more, and she got her team together and pursued this goal with single minded devotion for last eight years.

History will be made again when she is elected to be the President of this country. But there is another post to be written on that day. Today, we celebrate a woman’s persistence, perseverance and her grit, to follow her dream and achieve the goal she had set out for herself.

Through my words, I am celebrating a woman’s journey. A woman who has set an example for a lot of us, that failure is an opportunity to learn what’s missing, and acquire the skills as you march ahead. She has reminded us that some journeys take longer than others, but you need to stick to the game and firm up your plan. She has taught us to be graceful and calm as we follow our plan. She has taught us to not give up and always have your chin up. The ebbs and tides are part of the game. If you have a goal in sight that is worth your efforts, just go grab that bull by its horns and power through.

She has taught us how to follow a dream and make it a reality. Through hardwork, and dedication, sickness and drama, assaults and scandals, she has shined through.

I don’t want you to congratulate Hillary, the DNC Nominee. I want you to congratulate the woman who has fought really hard in her life to be where she is today. A mother, a wife, a politician, an acknowledged speaker, and now a WINNER!

Congratulations Hillary! Well done.. Go finish this race!
Note – If Hillary was a Republican, I’d still write the same post.

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