Spring Ramblings

The best part about reading is that it stays with you. Even if you eventually forget the characters and the plot, you will remember some subtle messages in the story that will surface from time to time and remind you of the book.

 I just finished a nice book. I am afraid of giving out a review here. I don’t write reviews until and unless I am convinced enough. But there are some themes in the book that I want to reflect on. These thoughts are very fresh. As fresh as the dew that has just settled on the leaf. It is yet to take shape, it is just resting.

 Modern world definition of evolution has got to change. We are no longer very different from our ancestors in terms of our trade, manner of living and body. Nothing groundbreaking is coming our way in these areas in the near term. There is the small incremental change like the life expectancy becoming better and our dependency on technology. But definitely nothing very substantial. And hence my thesis that modern world evolution needs to be redefined.

 We are more similar to our parents than we like to admit. And that is the genesis of my thesis. Evolution in today’s world is the process by which we are able to reflect on the life of our ancestors and draw from it their shortcomings and their strengths. When we take up the goal to overcome their shortcomings and measure our success in terms of achieving these goals, we evolve as humans.

 If for e.g. John has a parent who is very short tempered, then, if he makes incremental changes in his life to be more patient and has better control over his temper, he has evolved as a human. We all have our definition of success, and it is even harder to define success in non-material terms. One of the measures we could use is how we have evolved as a person in spirit and temperament. We don’t want to limit ourselves to become just a tad bit better than our ancestors. But it definitely is a starting point.

 Another theme I want to reflect on is cleansing. Do you cleanse?  No I don’t mean those $15 bottles of juice that promise to cure you off your maladies. I am talking about cleansing your conscience, your soul, your life.

  I look forward to Spring Cleaning every year. I even do a Diwali Cleaning. A perfect way to get rid of things you don’t need in your life. Reduce the clutter and keep it clean. It helps to find things easily when you need them and you begin to value what you have.

 You can apply the same principles to cleansing your thoughts. Get rid of those that clog your mind, make space for the good ones, and value what you keep.

  I also do a Facebook cleanse from time to time. That’s why I can share whatever I feel like with the under 200 people I friend on FB. I keep the one’s that matter and those with whom I have interacted in the last six months. It helps me keep my world sane and small and clean and tidy. Cleansing is good for us.

  Take a minute to see how many friends you have in your friend list on FB and the last time you interacted with them. Make space and time for the good people. Life is short. Cleanse.

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