What’s wrong with this world?

I haven’t been writing much. There are several reasons for it. One of them being that I am finding it extremely hard to settle back in my routine after returning from India. There is just so much to do and so less time. And I am struggling to stay awake past 9pm. I try, and I wake up so tired.

But another reason I am not writing is because I am just very annoyed with the way things are around me. Not at a personal level. But at a larger scale. I am seeking solace and peace in my little family and our close friends. I don’t feel like commenting on what’s happening around me. There is just so much nonsense all around that I am choosing to just ignore it. And live selfish for a while.

But just like everything else, I need to write it down to get it out of my system and cleanse. So I will do that and I am not looking for any commentary or rebuttals. I have my views and I am sharing them. No one needs to agree with it.

  • It’s too loud lately. Everyone is busy announcing something. As if we have all become official broadcasters. Can we be more silent? Me included.
  • This rat race is crazy. Why is everyone playing? Why can we not just “not play” for a while and  sit it out? 
  • Why are people not happy to see other people happy? 
  • Why are we always up leveling ourselves in conversations? 
  • Why am I not doing things I love and doing that only pay my mortgage? 
  • Why am I not writing?
  • Why is this world so rotten with politics?
  • Why are people in Kabul dying?
  • Why is everyone so busy being busy?
  • Why do people lie?
  • Why are people scared of sharing what they really feel?
  • What am I doing with my life. I will be 40 in 6 years! 6 years ago I was traveling the world.
  • Why are people who can really make a difference, not doing something about it.
  • Why do we troll?
  • Why do we judge?
  • What the fuck is wrong with Donald Trump?
  • Why do people like to see others fail?
  • Why do people spend their entire life doing things they don’t love? If most of us are doing jobs we’d rather not do, that’s a huge productivity deficit that we will need to deal with soon.
And last but not the least. Why have all these problems piled up on my plate at the same time? 
I will try to be more positive now that I have let it out. But it is a steep climb. 

5 thoughts on “What’s wrong with this world?

  1. I think, and I have spoken on a published post.. after a long time. Most of the people around seem to have fallen into a sort of identity crisis, even when they distinctly identified themselves, in order to converge on something that is so random. Most of what you pointed, seems to be vaguely connected to it. In entirely my opinion, Some people aim for 100% productivity(for them and family) and they seem to be busy in being busy.. which is okay as long as they are happy at the end of the day. To me happiness , rather contentment is what matters. At this point of time in the world, some people are blissfully ignorant, some are unfortunately talented, some think they have been paid back, some feel deceived and these natural, distinct and even then..random behavioral exhibitions seem to be like the surface tension on the upper-most layer of a tumbler of water that was just struck lightly with something or may be moved a little bit. The layers underneath seem to be unpredictable right now. Only a jolt that will splash the upper layer of water will reveal what lies beneath. Hmmm.. Hi, by the way, what's up ? How's Tara? She must have grown up so much !! The pics you posted of her were all adorable! Best part about babies.. not scared of anything!, she knows how to have fun 🙂 PS: Donald Trump is just entertaining, I am sure he will delegate his job to the bureaucrats if he ever becomes the President. I don't think he believes he would.. hence the lunacy.


  2. Good to hear from you. Yeah crisis of some sort for sure. I hope I stay long enough to see how such crisis end.

    Tara is fun and naughty. Yep 17 months today. New challenges every day. She is definitely my most favorite project ever 🙂


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