A lottery is one of the biggest equalizer available to humankind. Yes, I came to that conclusion on the eve of the Moneyball draw. I interacted with people from different levels of the society, and they had all bought the lottery ticket, with a hope to win. Their chances were equal. Now it is possible to refute that statistically, since someone could buy more tickets and double or triple their odds. But the fact that it is an unbiased, uninfluenced process makes it the best we can avail to equalize the imbalance in this society, if only temporarily.
 I met a venture capitalist, a day care teacher, a high-tech employee, a maidservant, a kitchen attendant at a high-tech firm, a barista and a bagger at a grocery store. And they all had the same hope. No one person came across as being more assured of their luck than the other. They were all hopeful. When was the last time I ran into people who were all hopeful for one outcome? This world is so divided. And we humans find even more minutia attributes to draw lines between ourselves. 
 I think parenthood is also another equalizer, in its own way. It shows you the mirror in more than one ways. No coaching, mentoring or education can teach you what you can learn from parenthood. And in that respect it is also an equalizer, in terms of the opportunity it provides you to grow as an individual.
 Parenthood makes you come to terms with your own flaws. When you see you child being as pig-headed as you are, you learn about how much trouble you must have given to your own parents. When your child spits out tomato skins from her lentils, you realize how disgusted your parents and sibling might have been with your habit of doing the same, as a young child. 
And at the same time, parenthood also offers a positive reflection of what you invest in your child. Your child reflects the warmth you shower on him/her. Your child reflects the affection, the joy, and the energy you direct at him/her. Your child is watching you. Your child begins to love what you love and care for what you care. 
 Sigh! These complex thoughts entered my small mind this morning and I had to sort them out into buckets of words, and pour them out of my mind, into this post. I have finally made space for new and fresh ones 🙂
Happy living!

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