Chicken Tortilla Soup

One of the things that I often tell friends who are short on time, but love to cook is – it’s OK to take shortcuts. Let’s be realistic. We live busy lives and we have way too much to do and if a shortcut means I will get to spend more time with my loved ones, then I will do it.

1 QT Chicken Broth
2 cups of water.
1/2 28oz can of San Marzano Whole Peeled tomatoes
1 bottle of Salsa (pick the spice level that suits you. you can also make it at home if you want. I save a lot of time by just buying this off the shelf.
1 yellow pepper – diced
3 Carrots – diced
1 green pepper – diced
1 yellow/red onion – 1 diced
Garlic – 6-8 diced small

Saute carrots, onions and pepper with some salt and pepper
Add garlic, cumin and oregano – Sautee until fragrant
Add the tomatoes and salsa
Bring it to a boil
Add 4 chicken thighs (cleaned and washed)
Simmer for 20-25min until chicken is cooked
Pull apart the chicken with two forks and put it back in the soup
Bring the soup to a boil


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