Tara eats her food

While Tara was playing in the park she ran into Peter rabbit. He was very hungry and so both of them started a scavenger hunt looking for mommy. At first Peter blindly followed Tara around and then in the middle after he was tired he asked – hey Tara I am hungry. I don’t want to eat your mommy. Why are we looking for her? So Tara said follow me. Good question. But mommy is needed. Tara finally finds mommy and introduces Peter to her. Mommy is thrilled to meet Peter. And then Tara said, mommy we are hungry, can you help us put find some yummy food? There are a lot of good options at this party. And mommy said sure. Today is Sunday – and that means it’s fun day so that means we should have some fun foods. And mommy puts together a plate for Peter, Tara and herself. They ate – sandwiches with cucumber, Mac and cheese, salad, cheese balls and grapes and some noodles :)) everyone loved their meal and cleaned their plates clean. So Peter says to mommy – what so special about the food mommy. Mommy explained – there was protein, carbs, vitamins, minerals, calcium in the forms of grains, vegetables, fruits and dairy smile emoticon
Peter was convinced. He promised to run to mommy when he was hungry and eat whatever she served on his plate. Tara nodded and smiled and said, “see I told you so.”

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