Cooking Manual for Working Parents

I am thinking of writing a little manual for working parents who love to cook and nourish their families, but struggle to find the motivation and time to put together a healthy meal every day.

Hah! Yes! I am very ambitious. And, No! I don’t think I have mastered it myself yet. But, I discuss food and cooking with a lot of women at work and in my social networks on a regular basis, and I think I see an opportunity here that I need to grab.

After Tara started turning her nose to purees last year, I knew it was time to get my lazy bones to do some more work. Soon I found myself cooking meals every evening for the three of us. I want to caveat that by saying that I do spend a couple of hours over the weekend to do some prep work. It helps me meet my objective of serving warm and loving meals on the table every evening latest by 6:15 pm.

I get back home at 5:30 pm every evening and after spending some time with Tara and a quick change, I have 45min at best to put together a meal. Sometimes that is cut down to 30 minutes depending on how clingy and cranky Tara is that day.

A few things that have helped me achieve my goal of cooking at home every evening are my inclination to try new recipes, change our food grid and habits, rethink dinners in general and planning, a lot of planning. I will talk about each of these in this manual.

I wonder if anyone will read this manual. But I will still write it since I cannot be the only person who struggles so much to balance work, family and the nutritional needs of a growing kid. I’d really like some feedback on this idea. So don’t be a lurker and if you think you can use this manual, say yay!

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