The Social Conundrum

So here I am sharing with you the biggest social conundrum I have found myself in, ever since the internet arrived. Over the past many years, I don’t know how many, I have established what I like to call a well-curated content stream on Facebook. Although my loyalties were with Google+ to begin with, the recent changes in its UI are not acceptable to me. I refuse to patronize a tool that has lost its purpose. And so I am left with Facebook.

Let me share some facts here

  • I access over 90% of my digital content via Facebook. The remaining 10% are split between Flipboard, Pinterest, and NYTimes.
  • I enjoy being connected with people via Facebook.
  • I refuse to be a lurker on Facebook. If you have the keen interest in knowing what’s going on in someone’s life, have the audacity to at least share it with them.
  • I think FB has started to take more time than I want to give it. Of course, it is all in one’s own control. But if it really was, I won’t be writing this post.
  • I love the content diversity that FB provides. Based on my activity till date, the app has successfully captured my interest in using it as a primary mechanism to consume digital content. 
So what is the problem? I want the content minus the social activity logging that folks like me end up doing on FB. I don’t like to see who ate where and when. But for no good reason other than a random peer effect, I also start doing it and I don’t really like it. It wastes my time and those of the people around me. The only aspect that I enjoy about this social trail is the archiving ability. I love it when FB tells me where I was a year ago and with whom. I cannot have one if I don’t give in to the other. So the vicious circle continues.
If I had to specify my ask. It is simple. Please let me use the app for news and other digital content. And let me select when I want to view the social logging of my selected friends. I know that ain’t happening anytime soon. So my problem can only be solved if I shift my base and try to establish a content stream for me, elsewhere. My options are – Flipboard and the new news app from Apple. I am leaning more towards the Apple app. 
About FB. I love the fact that I am connected via it to my friends and family. I love to read their updates and milestones in life. I also love consuming content some of them create or curate. And so I will continue to use it. But to stay connected and not to consume content. It is also my new year resolve to create more than consume. And hence, I will share what I create using FB.
Net net – this is my solution to my social conundrum. Do you have a better idea? Would love to hear.

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