Eggnog Banana bread pudding

I got some egg nog during the holidays for Agam and Tara. I am not a fan of it in general. With the holiday season withering off, their interest in it also dwindled. And so I had to put the cup or so of the remaining egg nog to use.

Here’s what I did 
Clovers egg nog – 1cup 
Four slices of bread
Three eggs 
2 tbsp ghee
Two Bananas
Mix the eggnog, eggs and ghee together. 
Chop the bananas and add to it 
Brush a baking pan with butter and layer bread cut into quarters. Add a layer of liquid mix you made above. Now add another layer of bread and pour the remaining liquid over it. Place some bread on the side of the pan for a yummy crust. 
Bake at 400 for 50min

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