As we watched the sunset tonight, a myriad of thoughts crowded my mind. Some are worth sharing, so here I go.

I have been chasing sunsets for well over eight years now and in my experience a clear day ends in the most boring sunset. On the other hand, a few scattered clouds in the sky lead to a more enjoyable sunset. Those are the days when rays from the dipping sun reflect against the clouds and paint beautiful patterns in the sky. And those are my favorite kind of sunsets.

Just like sunsets, our lives also derive a lot of color and meaning from the few dark clouds that pass us by from time to time. Each dark experience helps us reflect on a side of life that we might have ignored. Each stumble helps us become more aware of the path we are on, and prepares us better for the journey ahead.

I often hear phrases like, “but why me?”, and not so long ago I also felt that way at times. But with each sunset we become wiser. And my new found wisdom tells me that I was chosen for the dark experience, either because I am extremely capable of handling it, or because there is something I need to learn from it, which will help me prepare for a better future. Just like the clouds that lead to a better sunset.

So next time you think you have hit a wet patch of rain or may be some dark clouds, remember that a fabulous sunset is just around the corner.

Another thought that slowly bubbled up as we drove past Ocean Beach this evening was that not everyone enjoys sunsets for the same reason. Some like to see the ball of fire take a dip into the ocean, and some like to see the aftermath of that dip. I like both. It’s not just about the action that you take, but also about the impact it has.

Two beautiful thoughts to end the year with.

Happy New Year

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