Yays and Nays of 2015!

Ah it’s time for my favorite post of the year. It’s time for the Yays and Nays of 2015! Let’s cut it short and get to the list asap. As always let’s start with Yays

  1. TARA! OH Tara! You are the little nugget that I did not know I was missing in my life. And now that you have fitted so well in our little nest, I wonder how I ever lived without you. Your milestones, your tantrums and your love made it to the top of the list this year.
  2. I shared some amazing time with my Mum while she was here earlier this year. I will always cherish the days she spoilt me rotten with her care after Tara was born.
  3. I finally found a job close to home. Always wondered what it felt like to wake up at 7:45am and be at work before 8:30. Now I know – it feels pretty awesome.
  4. Made it through a year of breast feeding..and we are still at it. I did not plan to. I did not even intend to. I don’t even believe in its magical properties. I just loved it. I loved it because it was my time with my lil Tara. We share a special bond because I was able to feed her. I am thankful to the nurses at Lucille Packard who lay the foundation for us. 
  5. We kept going strong with our travels even with Tara. Santa Barbara, Yosemite, London, Maui and San Francisco. I want her to love travel, just like I do. So far the signs are strong. 
  6. In my very first attempt I was able to raise almost $200 in an org wide fund raising event. And since that is matched by Google, I basically raised $400 for a local bay area charity. So how did I do that? I put a lunch/brunch at our place with Indian food made from scratch for auction, and several of my awesome colleagues bid on it. Loved it.
  7. Thanks to Google’s Donation Match program I felt even more motivated to donate for causes that I care about. It felt great to see my annual contribution hitting new thresholds. That also included donating my corp holiday gift this year.
  8. I took a pretty cool cooking class that opened my eyes to simpler and healthier meals for the three of us. I am finally free from the tentacles of curries and lentils and rotis and rice. I create dishes and I am finally able to put the fresh seasonal vegetables from the farmer’s market to good use.
  9. We finally started having dinner between 6:00pm-6:30pm. It makes our life so much simpler and so much disciplined. I always wanted to eat early, but somehow that never ended up happening. 
  10. I slept quite well this year. Yes, for a new mom to admit that almost feels sinful. But the hours I slept, I slept well. I was always more relaxed and rested each morning.
  11. I get a lot more done in the 24 hours I have each day. A LOT more. 
  12. I found an extended family in the form of Tara’s teachers at Learning Links. I love those people and I get a lot of love back from them and even from the kids at the day care. I spend every single hour I can take off from work with them and they add so much joy to my life. 
  13. 10 years in US (and no driving ticket).
  14. I am back to drinking wine again 🙂
  15. Agam and I found some amazing synergies in getting things done around the house without it becoming a chore for one person. It was amazing to build those synergies. Cheers to more such synergies.

  1. Lost my maternal uncle. He was the youngest in my Mom’s family. I felt terrible telling my Aunty to let him go. But I am so proud of her. She did the right thing. She is such an inspiration to me. I wish I had told her that in a more happier context. 
  2. After working towards my dream role and a dream job for almost eight years, I gave it all up to come join Google. I did not give it up for Google. I gave it up for Tara. It hurts me every single day and I won’t hide how foolish I feel about myself on most days. It is very tough to accept, but accept I must. I should have thought more about it. I killed a dream in one blow. And I know opportunity knocks again, but boy I don’t have eight more years worth of stamina in me no more. I have a child to raise, and raising tiny humans is exhausting. And yes I know it is all worth it in the end. But I am not at the end, and it is a steep climb to get to the point where it will feel like that. For now, I reminisce my days at Salesforce and feel grateful I got to experience that for whatever little time I did.
  3. I did not write much in 2015. 
  4. I read even less. 
  5. Obviously being diagnosed as pre-diabetic wasn’t a really a great thing. But better know it early and fix your ways before it gets too late.
  6. Health is in quite bad shape. We are eating better. But we are not working out. There is a gym right opposite the building I work at and yet I don’t find the time. I am so ashamed about it.
  7. Although I got more done in the day, I always have a nagging feeling that I could have done more with the day. It is a little disturbing. I did not use my 8pm-10pm slot as judiciously as I intended to. FB took up a lot of that time. I should have used it to read more or write more instead. So a Nay to that nagging feeling.

This has never happened before. My Yays are double in number to my Nays. That’s definitely a first. I mean, I always end up balancing them out in the end. But despite some strong Nays here, we had a stellar year!

Now on to some resolutions
  1. Pack more activity in my day. There are a few elements to this – I need to take out 30-45min to work out in a day. I also need at least 30min of dedicated reading time and at least 30min of dedicated writing time, at least thrice a week. So hold me accountable if you don’t see at least a few blog posts (not FB posts) per week from me. 
  2. Eat Healthy at Google. It is so easy to slip into bad habits. I need to stick to salads at lunch and use Baadal and Brgr as treat days to motivate me to be a good eater through the month.
  3. I cannot work on things that don’t challenge me enough and so I am going to split this year into two halves – first half, find the challenge and second half, overcome it.
  4. Listen more. Pretty self explanatory.
  5. Stretch myself – needs to be defined

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