Happy Birthday Tara Rum Pum

Dear Tara,

A very happy first birthday. I am a little late in writing to you. We just talk these days. Don’t we? But this blog is my gift to you and through it I want to give you a context of what was going on in this world, and in our lives while you were growing up, and too busy to read the news yourself and track your own milestones 😉
Where do I begin? The world is in shatters. There are floods, wars, gun violence, intolerance and what not. What a depressing thought. But the good news is that we humans are a very resilient species. We adopt this new normal and move on. And so should you. Unless you want to do something about it. And I will encourage you to do so, if you wish to.
So what else is happening? Well we went to London in November. It was your first trip outside of US. And what a champ traveler you are. Making friends along the way and pleasing people with your charming smile. We all had so much fun together. And I think we had even more fun because you are now walking. My little trotter. I am amazed at how well you adjust to new surroundings. Stay that way. It helps. Believe me. This world will keep on changing its ways on you. You have to stay flexible, and adapt to the new and novel.

As I type, strong winds are hitting the cherry blossom tree outside our house. Soon the tree will loose all its leaves. And we will get used to seeing it like that. And then one day, hopefully in February/March, we will see some flowers come back and we will welcome Spring. This circle continues. I am telling you that because I want you to remember this when some days it gets difficult to believe the world you are living in. Just remember that it will change, not always for the better, but it does change. 
We celebrated your first birthday at home. It was just Daddy and me. But we could get some face time with loved ones and that made it all the more special. Did you like it when Ishu and Manya sang for you? You seemed to have enjoyed it. It is on these occasions that Mommy misses family. I wish we were surrounded by all our loved ones on your special day. Well I know their wishes were with us 🙂
We also had a lovely celebration at Learning Links on the Monday after your birthday. Mama baked some banana muffins for your friends and your teachers and everyone sang for you and enjoyed the muffins with you, while you held the court wearing a tiara that your teachers made for you. We are so thankful to them Tara. I cannot even pick word to express my gratitude for them. I promise, that no matter how big you become, I will always make sure you stay in touch with all of them.
Tara, you are picking up new words now. happy, Nina, no no, more and of course Mama, Mommy, Daddy. I can’t wait for you to tell me about your day’s events in your own words some day. I promise to put everything aside and listen to your tale. 
In a few weeks we will celebrate your birthday with our extended family, here in Bay area. These are people you will grow up with. The kids you will meet at this party will be your friends some day. I hope the weather stays mild that day so all of you can enjoy outdoors and indoors. This is a great milestone for Mommy and Daddy. Five years ago, we got married in the company of some of the friends you will meet that day, and then we invited everyone to bless our home three years ago and in December we will share our joys again with them, thanks to you 🙂
In case you were wondering what we gave you on your first birthday, just want to let you know that you will not be receiving any special gifts for your birthday from Mommy and Daddy. There are other kids who can use that special something for their development. You will get our love, and things that we think you need from time to time, all through the year. No need to wait for your birthday for the excitement. Each day can bring some surprise for you 🙂 That’s how your Mommy was raised. And I am going to make an attempt to keep it that way for you.
Until next time, 

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