Tara’s pasta

Last night when Agam came home with Tara, he told me that her day care teacher has asked us to send more finger food for her lunch. She enjoys that more and we should be weaning her off the mush, semi mush food. So I took upon myself the challenge to make a pasta that is tasty and yet nutritious.

Agam and I have a lot of fall/winter veggie soups these days. It is really quick and simple and very nutritious. So I made a pasta sauce with some cauliflower and carrot soup and home made marinara. I cooked the two together, added some mozarella cheese and tossed in some whole wheat penne pasta. Tara loved it. She likes complex flavors. And anything with a tomato base sis bound to be a hit with her. 
Highly recommend this really easy recipe that includes the nutrition and the texture. I don’t recommend Penne though. It is a lil big and slippery for the soft bubba hands. A smaller shape of pasta like macaroni might be a better one to use.
Tara took the pasta as lunch too. I cut the pasta bites into half so it is easier for her.
On the same lines, I made some spinach and potato mush which can be mixed with white sauce or store bought alfredo sauce and some pasta.
Time to put on the innovative mommy hat.

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