First of the lasts..

Dear Tara,

Today we finished the last of the milk packets from my freezer stash. One week before you turn one. It is the first of the lasts that we will celebrate. 

I’ve been looking at those small yellow capped medela bottles with bitter sweet thoughts. It was not easy. It was a lot more difficult because of my new job. It was also not always very pleasant. And some times it was just plain stressful. But I feel happy that I played a part in giving you the strength that keeps you going. 
I am surprised we made it this far. I did not plan to. But what kept me going is the guilt that you go to a day care. And hence this is the least I could do to shield you. It was not convenient but it was beautiful. It will continue to be beautiful as long as you want to wake up to it and sleep as a result of it. I know one day that will also end. And that day we will celebrate the last time that you snuggled up to me for a taste of what we call Muma milk.

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