Life becomes more meaningful when we measure it in 12 month chunks. If we just drop the baggage of the years before and evaluate life in these 12 month chunks, it makes so much sense. It also becomes a lot more digestible.
Tara turns 11 months today. This last year has been a beautiful ride for Agam​ and me. We have so much to be thankful for. And we also have a lot of lessons learnt under our belt by now. 
We have stretched ourselves beyond our own imagination this past year and the rewards are invaluable. I was one of those people who shivered at the mention of hospitals. And from that person I became someone who humored Agam with my silly jokes at same time I was battling labor pains.
But all these experiences made me realize how much potential the human body and mind has. I was reminded that energy is renewable. And that we need to identify our drains and our stores. And of course the concept of savings also applies to energy as well as it does to money.
I have derived more than I ever could from the 24 hours given to me in the last 11 months. I just need to keep doing that. And they key to it – make most of the moment. Sounds so cliched. But it’s true. If you make the most of the moment you are in, you will save yourself the fear of losing something. I get bursts of time with Tara and I love them. I get bursts of time to cook and I feel satisfied with them. I get bursts of social interaction on the weekend, and it is just enough for my liking. Bursts of energy is what I call them. 
I had this realization last evening, when I was drop dead tired after spending three straight hours in the kitchen and went up to my room to relax for 20min. Instead of doing that, I ran down the stairs, put some potatoes to boil, kneaded some dough and made fresh aloo paranthas for Tara and her Daddy. I stretched myself but I felt good. Made up for it by hitting the bed early. 
I know that I cannot make time to do everything I can. But I am happy that I am taking out time to do everything I want to. And in the last 11 months I have learnt to appreciate the difference between those two thoughts.
Happy Stretching!

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