Crispy (no fry) Bhindi

Everyone I know, loves bhindi/okra. I didn’t. Up until 30min ago, I was a rebel when it came to bhindi. It was that slimy thing that every one loved, and I didn’t.

For the past ten years I have tried to make some preparation of this slimy veggie, in order to make it suit my palette. Nothing worked. I bought fresh, frozen, small, fat – all sorts of bhindis. But nothing appealed to me. Agam loved all these preparations, regardless of the type, and hence I kept at it. If only to see the smile on his face when I’d say – I made bhindi for you 🙂

This weekend while I was cleaning the freezer I ran into two packets of frozen small bhindi. These are great quality and thin bhindi. Let’s just say this bhindi was approved by my Mommy. She preferred them to fresh fat bhindis that are usually sold in Indian food stores. I opened the the packets and cooked it on auto-defrost for 4min. Then I emptied them in a colander and let warm water run over it for a minute until the bhindis were no longer sticking to each other. I also cut the top of the bhindis.

I dabbed dry them with a kitchen towel. Then I added 2 tbsp oil, red mirchi. salt and turmeric to a large bowl, and tossed the bhindis in it. On a large baking tray, put some aluminum foil and spread the bhindi on it. Try not have overlapping bhindis. Bake in oven at 400F for 30min. Then turn the oven to broil on Low and cook for 5-7min. If you see them turning crisp thats it.. take them out.

Peel and slice an onion. Cook them in oil until they turn pink. Once they are cooked, add a pinch of sugar to caramelize them, and then add the baked crisp bhindi. Toss them together and sprinkle some amchur powder on it. Tadaaaa …

Why I love this recipe

– did not have to cut the bhindi
– did not have to fry
– did not have to encounter its slimy texture
– did not have to clean it
– did not have to put too much oil

I loved it, and of course Agam did too

The pic doesn’t do justice.. but who cares. I am finally eating bhindi!!!!!!!

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