Chatpate shrimp

I was discussing with Agam that I have increasingly become a pescatarian. I do not enjoy chicken any more and although I am HUGE lamb/goat lover, I don’t end up eating it as often, simply because most lamb/goat dishes are very rich and heavy.

Our freezer has mostly fish and shrimps (cooked and uncooked) at this point. The only chicken we get these days is for Tara’s bone broth and chicken purees. 
Most seafood recipes are pretty simple and also pretty flexible. I prefer Salmon to be grilled, because it has a bold flavor of its own. Cod, Seabass or Tilapia are all pretty mild in flavor and hence absorb the flavor of the curry or the sauce you make them with. Shrimps on the other hand are somewhere in between the two. 
For most of my life I have been overcooking shrimp. I only figured it out last year that they don’t need much cooking time and need to be tossed in the very end. I like shrimps. They are quite versatile and of course nutritious too.
Today I made a very random recipe with shrimps. As a general practice, I like keeping some bhuna masala ready in the fridge (onion, tomato, garlic, ginger, spices). It saves me a ton of time and is a great add to any recipe. 
For this recipe, I washed the shrimp and drained them. In a pan added some oil, green curry leaves, red chillies, green chilles and sliced onions. Once the onion turn soft and pink I added the bhuna masala that I made last weekend. I cooked the two together and then added coconut (a good qty). And cooked it till the coconut aroma filled the kitchen. I added some chopped tomatoes for some tangy flavor and covered and cooked this for 10minutes. Once cooked, added some salt and the shrimp. Tossed everthing together and switched off the gas. The shrimp cooked in the remnant heat. I didn’t have any coriander today, but a big bunch of coriander would have made this even more flavorful.
Agam and I finished the dish off in no time. And I regret not having taken a picture of it.

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