I must write

I must write.

I must write, even if it takes an hour away from my sleep. I’d rather train my body to make do with a little less sleep, than feel deprived of my words.
I have been feeling a lot less myself lately. I make time for things. And I am not making time to write. And that is not acceptable. If I can take time out for doing random samaaj seva type things, I better set aside time to write.
I must write, because each day of writing  that I miss, is an opportunity lost. An opportunity to perfect my craft. My thing. My art.
I must write, because I think clearly when I do. I must write coz there is so much to be written.

I must write because when I was asked to evaluate areas in my life where I am not giving as much attention as I should be – I ranked Creative/Hobbies as No. 1!

I must write because life is short and words are limitless and if I don’t start now, I will never finish.

I must write because writing sends happy vibes to my brain, the ones that I need most.

I must write because that’s the only thing in my life that has been a constant. And even though everything about my life is changing, I can ground myself in writing.

I must write, because Tara must know that I am more than just her Mom.

I must write, because I think I can.

I must write, because I can.

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