Heart to Heart

Dear Tara,

 I am finally sitting down to write to you some heart to heart conversations. Your Mum is a sucker for these conversations. And because of the global spread of her friends list she does not get to share these with her friends anymore. But I hope I will be able to share them with you very soon. In fact , thanks for setting up the daily chat session every morning. As we wake up from our respective slumbers and slowly open our eyes to a new day, our conversations (no matter how broken and one sided they are).. are a perfect way to start the day.
 I really enjoy dropping you off to the day care in the morning. I am hell bent on finding something good in everything that happens. And although dropping you at the day care every day breaks my heart. I derive a lot of energy from the lil kids in your class and the toddler class next door. When I look at these kids, I picture you jumping around like them. Talking like them and eating like them.
 I also enjoy observing their unique personalities. Some are shy, some gregarious, some thoughtful and some just plain naughty. Some like their books and others like their toys. Some like music and other like their colors. The last time I was amidst such a distributed set of personalities who were perfectly fine blending in each other’s color, was NEVER!
 Unfortunately as we grow up we become less and less adaptable. We like people who are like us and don’t like people who are not like us. We are critical of those who are not one of us. And draw lines in our appreciation, our respect and our general behavior towards these “not like us” people. 
 If I had to pick up one thing that I want to foster as I raise you – it is to be inclusive. To appreciate everyone. To love everyone. Don’t get jaded by this world. I know its hard. But know that it is the simplest way to live. When you start drawing differences, you are forcing too much traffic through your mind. Avoid the hassle if you can and treat everyone as equal. Learn from them and contribute to their growth. Don’t look for similarities, embrace the differences.
Tara, there is one more thing that you should know. You are going to grow up to be a fine woman someday. And being a woman is a super power. You can use it to your advantage and to the advantage of the world around you. But you can also misuse it. It is a slippery slope. Be cautious of that slope in life. Fine women inspire other fine women. Use your powers with caution. May be I can write more about it at a later point. I have several stories from my thirty some years which have colored my view about women. There is a reason I don’t have many girl friends. But I hope you do. And I hope each of them deserve your love and honesty.
Oh we got on to a rather serious track. I tend to ramble after a certain point.  I should set a word limit for my posts 🙂
Keep at it sweetie.. you make the world more beautiful with your smile and your love.

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