In your eyes…

Dear Tara,
This week has been interesting to say the least. You seem to have adjusted well to the new routine. I think we ramped you up to 6 hours pretty soon. But you finished your feeds and even took tiny tiny naps. I don’t doubt that you can stay even longer at the day care. But of course we want to make sure you do that once before Daddy resumes work in a week. 
To digest that you will be at the day care for such long durations is a little tough for mommy. But we don’t have a choice. You will have to do it eventually. I was just hoping we could extend that eventually a little more. But Daddy is right. I think.
Tara, each morning when I look into your eyes I feel blessed. It is reassuring to know that no matter what happens, I can always claim myself in your eyes. I will always be a better person in your eyes. I will always find myself in your eyes. Very reassuring. I wish I could tell you how much that means to me. Of course I will work hard my entire life to keep that image intact 🙂
Tara, you will find many types of people in this world. But in your mommy’s world there are basically two types of people. Those who exist to give – be it love, time, affection, shoulder to cry on or a  reason to smile. They give whatever little they have..  And there are those who exist for themselves. 
You are a natural giver. Every day you give me smiles that I wonder how I have lived without for so long. You don’t give me a smile because you want something from me. You just give.. Selflessly. Stay that way. 

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