Your first Ashtami

Dear Tara,

You are four months old already. And yet you are just a tiny little munchkin. You are becoming more and more active and alert by the day. And I am loving this new phase where I understand you much better and can serve your needs and desires better.

We celebrated your first Ashtami yesterday. And the day was made even special with your Dadu and Dadi’s arrival.

 Now you will ask me what is Ashtami. So let us go ahead and simplify that for you. Twice a year, Hindus who are devotees of a certain goddess fast for a week or so and the fast ends in Ashtami (meaning 8th). Somehow Ashtami became this special day to treat all girls who have yet to reach their puberty, with royal goodies (aka food and gifts) 🙂

 I did not fast, or do any special prayers. But I love the significance of this special day. And it is a day that I always looked forward to as a child. And I hope I can make it special for you too 🙂 Let’s not talk about the religious aspect of it. Think of it as your own quinceanera that happens twice a year.

 Dadu Dadi brought soooooooooooo many goodies for you from India and your Mom did a little bit to make some yummy goodies (I hope you enjoyed them).

I won’t promise you the yummy food and goodies for all your life. But I will promise you my intent to make this day (or the weekend following it) special for you.

 It was fun making the poori, halwa and chole while I reminisced the many Ashtami mornings when my Dad would wash our feet and feed us halwa poori and bless us 🙂

God bless you my lil kanjak (lil girl)


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