Happy 3 months..

Dear Tara,

I can very confidently say that the the last three months have been the happiest months of my life thus far. And it is all because of the joy that you have brought in my life. It is so much fun being amazed by you every single day. Every day you share a new glimpse of your personality and soul with me and I take your cues to make your activities revolve around things you enjoy (or rather coo at..)

From what I can tell parenting is a continually evolving process. The advice or learning from month one don’t necessarily work for month three. And with each day you are becoming more and more human. You express yourself clearly. I can tell that you like Vivaldi’s Four Seasons more than songs from PK. May be PK songs are too noisy for you. I can tell that you are a shy kid. You adopt a very different persona in front of others (which is very unlike me.. and very much like your dad so lucky you I know how to handle that). I can also tell that you are more interested in action than simple observation. You don’t hold things and look at them for minutes.. you do things with them. I can also tell that you will be a foodie. God I hope I am not wrong about this one. You always watch so carefully when I am eating. I cannot wait for the solids phase to start. You love pictures.. I think all the kids do..but you already have your favorites.

You like being around people. You will be a talker (who doubted that?!).  You are also a very patient child. You enjoy your baths and massage. I cannot believe that you are perfectly fine with water on your face. You just brush it off like we adults do. You are becoming a better sleeper than you were. I am very happy about that. Also you don’t like it when Dad or Mom read from the book. You want us to look at you and tell the story. Fast action excites you. You are not at all intimidated by fast moving objects.

Oh well there is so much I can write.. Finally here is what all we have done together 😀 All of these seemed impossible the day that we brought you home. So kudos to Dad, Nani and moi – we have all come a long way together.

Shoreline Lake Walks and lunch at the Cafe
Walk to downtown and coffee at Neto
Long walks in the neighborhood
Lunch at Badal
Breakfast at Hobees
Had your milk outside at the pie place
Hakone Gardens walk
Met a lot of people

From Dad and my perspective we have covered all our “must loves” with you. But of course there is more to be done.. like a day trip to SF ..

Here’s to more that we will achieve together in the coming months and years. Happy 3 month bday munchkin 😀

love and blessings

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