let their eyes speak

Dear Tara,

Some times in life you really are not sure about why you are doing something. There are several reasons, but none convincing enough. You put a stake in the ground and make a call. Everyone around you claps. Well done they say. You are still not convinced. But the call is made. The decision has been taken. And yet in your mind you hear known voices..”but only if..”, “what if..”, “may be we could have…”. At that time, you will doubt yourself. Did I do the right thing?

In such times, look into the eyes of the people you love. And if their eyes gleam with joy for your new prospects, just trust them, and go with the flow. You don’t see what they are seeing. But the truth is that you are not trying to see what they are seeing. Your thoughts are still clouded. You are wrapped in memories, hopes, promises that they don’t know of. These thoughts don’t let you look ahead.

The problem is that you feel you are at the growing incline of that bell curve. You are just there.. right there.. you can touch your goal by stretching just a bit. You are in fact almost there!  You feel warm there. You want to just stay there. You have grown old there. And you want to just finish what you had started. But the decision you just took will require you to start all over again. You will have to start from scratch and work your way up. You are not afraid of the work. You, for once, want to make it to the peak of that curve. And you had hoped that this was your chance!

But instead of looking at this as yet another incline to climb, think of your life as an arc.. and each of your steps are incrementally taking you closer to the other end of the arc. Don’t think about the mini curve you are about to hop off and the new curve you are about to start walking on. Think of how this hop on and hop off will add value to the bigger arc of your life. And most likely it will take you a few centuries to get it all right. And thus in the mean time.. look into the eyes of those you love. And the gleam will guide you to newer horizons.

Enough rumbling from your Mum..


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