It’ll never be the same tomorrow

Dear Tara,

Mum had a huge awakening this are growing up too fast and you will never be this small again. Of course it is all good and better for you. But Mum got a little worried if she is doing all she wants to do for you while you are still this small. You are seven week old today. And the fact that you will never be small again, small enough to wriggle yourself into a little snail like you did when you were three weeks old, is a little upsetting. Already when you find your nook after feeding while I burp you, your still so tiny legs are fidgeting to find more space. 
I hope I am doing all I can to make it confortable for you. I want you to grow up soon so we can play together more often and go outside and run in the park and cook together and go grocery shopping together. Yet I love how small and cuddly you are.. Especially how you wrap your arms around my neck during burp time. Like a monkey :)) 
I want to have my monkey with me forever 🙂

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